Frank Gambale, Guitar

Grammy winning guitar virtuoso, Frank Gambale, exploded on the L.A. scene in the early 80’s. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his passion powered playing a style “Rolling Stone Magazine” calls,ferocious!

Gambale is the undisputed genius who propelled sweep picking from a technique to an art form which continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and prog artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as both an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.

As jazz legend, Chick Corea, describes Frank: “Everything you touch with your guitar turns gold, always has.” While John McLaughlin’s tongue-in-cheek response to his finesse is,” Id like to cut his hands off.”

A musician’s musician, gifted composer, brilliant innovator and author of numerous instructional books and DVDs, Frank continues to reach unprecedented sonic and technical heights. His six string prowess and seemingly limitless vision point towards an exciting future of ground breaking music.

Early Years
Frank Gambale was born into a family of talented musicians in his native Canberra, Australia. He quickly absorbed the pantheon of,60’s and 70’s rock guitar greats.

As a teen, Frank’s musical horizons expanded with the influence of jazz and vocal based music under the generous tutelage of a local import record shop owner. This led to nearly two full years of concentration on piano before digging back into guitar with renewed zeal.

In these formative years, Frank’s musical foundations became firmly rooted in three concepts:

– Sweep picking as the means to melodically play notes previously only possible on keyboard or saxophone
– Continual study to deepen his knowledge and the ability to musically play through any chord changes
– A desire to share his discoveries with other students and musicians

It was a leap of faith for Frank to leave for Los Angeles, to be in the middle of where all the music I loved was being made,and set off to the Guitar Institute of Technology in the early 80’s